Brewing Your Own Beer at Home

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After tea, beer is the most popular beverage found all across the world. Beer lovers can enjoy the beer all 365 days a year. It is a wonderful seasonal product that can be produced year-round and some tastes are even brewed specially to match the thirst of the season. Special beer styles are brewed for a specific season. The term seasonal beer signifies its availability and also the taste it is meant to stir up.

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The seasonal styles of the beer suit and match the mood and temperament of the time. There are four seasons of beer.

1. Spring beer indicates a life-is-good mood and has the colors, flavors, freshness and vitality. It is more zingy but easy to drink. Some of the best Spring Beers too enjoy are India Pale Ale and Belgian-style wheat.

2. Summer beer indicates a lets-live-life attitude and therefore we see light golden ale or larger beers to quench the thirst. Some of the best Summer Beers too enjoy are Wheat ale and White ale.

3. Autumn is the time when we are preparing for winters by warming ourselves. Therefore, darker, toffee and bonfire flavors that are more earthy and spicy are preferred beers in the autumn season. Some of the best Autumn/Fall Beers too enjoy are Autumn stout and Barley Wine.

4. Winters are the time we need a boozy warmth and comfort. In winters we have darker, barley wines with sweet flavor and roasty full-bodied stouts, thick and warming. These season beers are crafted to satisfy the thirst and match our outlook of the season. Some of the best Winter Beers too enjoy are Winter Lager and Winter Ale.

The sad part is that seasonal beers are available only for a short time in a year. But the good part is that we can enjoy it year-round at any temperatures, weathers or seasons.

Depending upon the ingredients used for the brewing, the taste of the beer also varies. Stout, Lager, Ale, IPA, Wheat etc are some very popular beers. The way of drinking beer also depends on the place and traditions being followed. In most of the places it is kept at the room temperature but many beer lovers prefer more chilled beer. There are many breweries that brew special beers at certain time of the year. Depending on your personal liking, the choices of beer are just endless.

You can find local grocery stores stacked with seasonal beers to fulfill your needs year-round. But many people prefer to brew their own beer at home and this also saves them money from buying expensive beers. Brewing beer at home is not a difficult task especially when you have all the necessary things readily available. With a small initial investment you can easily make your own seasonal brew at about half the cost of buying it from outside places.Source