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Top Rated Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reels and Cords

best rated heavy duty extension cord reels sale

Whether you are doing woodworking projects in your garage or working professionally in a garage, using quality, heavy duty tools gets the job done faster and the quality of work is much better.  Having a heavy duty extension cord reel is a big asset to any shop – it keeps the place tidy (less chance of tripping and accidents happening) as well as keeping cords and tools maintained and in better shape.

best rated heavy duty extension cord reels sale

Wall mounted and ceiling mounted extension cord reels make the world of difference.

Something you should consider buying is a nice extension cord reel. A nice extension reel can be very helpful in saving you time in organizing your extension cords. Have you ever seen one? A reel is a device that you wind your power cable around, so the next time you use it, it isn’t all knotted up and difficult to lengthen and plug in. If you don’t have one, get one! They are so nice to have!

There’s a lot of talk around the internet about which kind of extension cable reel to buy, and which is best, a retractable or the regular hand wound one. I say go the retractable extension cord reel route, even though most of them are not portable. Just think about it, when your done using your drill or circular saw, you just tug on the cord and it self-winds back onto the wall. Most of them include a self stop, and a multi-plug outlet.

Pros of Retractable Extension Cable Reel:
• Self-wind action
• Most are built with durable materials
• Can be wall mounted
• Most include a swivel mount which allows for easy movement

Cons of Retractable Extension Cable Reel
• Most are not portable

Top Rated Retractable Heavy Duty Extension Cord Reels

 Lincoln 91030 Extension Cord ReelGet Info Lincoln 91029 Cord Medium Duty Reel with Triple TapGet Info ALERT STAMPING Heavy Duty Retractable Cord ReelGet Info Performance Tool Retractable Guided Return Cord ReelGet Info Bayco Professional 50-Foot Retractable Cord ReelGet Info Goodyear Extension Cord Reel Heavy Duty,Get Info


Retractable extension cord reels are easy to use and the majority are built with good quality materials to handle everyday use in your shop. Be careful not to buy the really cheap economical extension cord reels, as these tend to have a spring that is not built to last over 100 uses. The cost of replacing a spring does not justify buying a cheap extension cable reel.

If you’ve already made the right decision to by a retractable reel, make sure you take proper care of it to ensure that you get the most of the recoil spring. Sometimes the spring can get worn out. Proper maintenance with WD-40 will help. Also, make sure you don’t drop it on the ground. Anytime you drop an extension reel you’re cutting into the lifespan of the reel. I’ve made the mistake of getting too busy in my work area and knocking my reel of the workbench – not good.

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